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Kalamatiya Bird Sanctuary

Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary Situated between Tangalle and Hambantota. Twenty kilometers beyond Tangalla, the little-visited Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary comprises an area of coastal lagoons and mangroves which is rich in marine and other birdlife, similar to that found in Bundala and best seen from November to March.

Access to the sanctuary is from the village of Hungama.1 km away from Ranna on the Ranna-Kalamatiya road is the Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1938. Originally with 2.500 hectares but was abolished in 1946 due to the opposition of local residents. A considerably reduced area was once again declared a sanctuary in 1984, the sanctuary is rich with lagoons and mangrove swamps which attract a number of winter migrant birds.

There are four nationally threatened birds found within the Sanctuary - Indian Reef Heron, Glossy Ibis, Sri Lankan Black-capped Purple Kingfisher and the endemic Jungle Fowl. There are also 38 species of reptiles, a large number of which are nationally and globally threatened. There are no facilities at the sanctuary and no guides; entrance is free.

Bird Waching

Providing sanctuary for a few remaining birdlife that are nationally threatened, bird watching in this important site will make your trip to Sri Lanka worthwhile.Find a wide range of wetland birds, such as Slatybreasted Crake, Black Bittern and Watercock. You can also mix it with Grey Mongoose and Hanuman Langur spotting.

Jangle Walk

With pockets of scrub jungles found in the area, walking in the jungle is one of the many things to do when in the Kalametiya Bird Sanctuary. Enjoy the wet and somewhat challenging trek.

Bird identification and photography

During your bird watching expedition, make it a point to identify as many birds as possible and take pictures of them at the same time. You might never come this way again, so take photos for great souvenirs or as materials for your bird documentary.